lunedì 29 marzo 2010

Lofoten#3 - We are constant, but we take it easy

We are rookies today! Our tourist-like wake up is at 10 o'clock, then we take it easy for breakfast and in the same way we set our equipment. We re ready at 11.30, just in time with the arriving of nice weather: the few clouds that were here in the morning are in fact disappearing. Everything was precisely thought since the beginning, of course.
In the meanwhile we found the time to forget home thousand of essential things to carry with us, being so clumsy while moving in the early morning movements. Everybody know that if you want to wake up early and miss some sleep you can't achieve better results.
At about midday we feel better and we can start the ride of the day.
the goal of the day is an easy tour on Mount Varden that looks like to be spectacular. Matteo is having his first snowboard-touring day and moreover this year it's his first time snowboarding: Mount Varden it's a nice way to start!
After parking our car nearby a cross-country ski track a man arrive to ask who we are and where we live. His name is Normann and he's wondering why everybody decide to sleep in Svolvær and not in his nice house in Kabelvåg. he take the occasion to speak a bit about his business explaining us how his house is nice and that starting from the next summer a sauna will be finished and ready to be used.
Above all he suggests us how to cook the local fish: maybe tomorrow we will follow his suggestion.
Goodbye to Normann, who come back to work on his sauna. Now we are ready to start climbing the mountain, I with my skis and skins, Matteo with snowshoes and his snowboard in his backpack on his shoulders: he's suffering in going up but enjoying in the downhill.
The first part is on a cross-country ski track crowded of local skiers, that is old ladies and gentlemen dragging their children in a sleigh that is kept attached to the pelvis. Approaching a frozen and snowy lake we then start the proper climb.
Although we are at sea level the sun hit hardly on our heads: Matteo takes off his jacket just before melting completely! The uphill is quiet with the only minor difficulty at around the half when we have to cross a face that is in the shadow and then slightly frozen: the snowshoes reveal themleves to be not completely appropriate for this kind terrain.
Nevertheless we pass two telemarker which were climbing just ahead: I really admire them because they we climbing with the old-style equipment, that is soft boots that are slightly harder than trekking boots. When going downhill they will spend a lot of time rolling and only few moments skiing, but I admire them , in any case!
From the top the view is breathtaking. Hundreds of snow-capped peaks overlooking the sea, thousands of possible slopes for skiing, the blue sea. i do believe this is the most beautiful place in which I have ever skied.

The quality of snow completes the work: it's mostly powder, that is pleasure that is crazy. And the feeling to turn around and look at their track: no words for that.
Returning again to the lake we decide to cross it to go back to the car. First a bit of hesitation, because i am usually scared to march on a lake, but then we see some kids who greet us from the shore of the lake and we calm down. Of course we know that they wanted to say: "Do not go there, it's dangerous!" but we will never be sure.
The only certainty is that when returned to sea level, and being a little tired, the rooky-mood show up again. In fact I find the way to lose myself on the cross-country track, and it takes a half hour more than necessary to return to the car. Anyway, we are safe and we brought home the result!
But there are also ther constants: it's now clear that half kilo of pasta is not enough for two people, since for two days in a row we were hungry after dinner.
We'll have to increase doses.

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