sabato 27 marzo 2010

Lofoten#1 - 8 degrees and a half more in latitude

One year ago while I was in the train to Arlanda, and from there to the finnish Lapland, a message had been the spark that made the engine turn on. " have a good journey, kisses, Babbo." Today, during the breakfast, has been the same: " have a safe travel my brother, I'll be with you from here". The power of sharing a feeling.
I've just ended yesterday to move to a new apartment, from Kamamkargatan 36, in the center of Stockholm, to Lidingö, in the nature of the suburb. This morning, after a good coffee and two slices of bread with jam, I pack again. i put everything in Lene's car and she gives me a ride to the university. After having put everything in my office-storage, a quick exam of cosmology and I give a spartan welcome to Matteo who here is a regular and which in the last months I saw more often than his mother did.
Then we leave the University and carry our skis, snowboard, ice axes, bagpacks and all we need on the train to Kiruna. In one moment we will be beyond the polar arctic circle, if we can sleep. otherwise it will take a little bit more.

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