domenica 28 marzo 2010

Lofoten#2 - Norway, I feel like home

The train has been comfortable, I woke up only some couple of times despite the light that was switched on and the position I had during the sleep, definitely uncorrect. Tonight I will pheraps have pain in my back, but it doesn't really matter. The lappish landscape is just like when I was here the last year: desolate landed without an end, snow, woods and some hill around with the train running in the middle of all of that.

A quick stop in Kiruna only to rent a car and buy some food for the next days. Then Matteo and I are on the E10 in direction of Svolvær. The road is mainly snowy and frozen so the winter tires help a lot. If one looks on the map it appears to be a short distance, but it's indeed more than 300 km to arrive at our destination. The landscape changes slowly, from the monotony of the swedish lapland to the majesty of the norwegian fjords. We pass by Abisko and then Riksgransen, some of the most famous ski resorts in Sweden, then we cross the national border and we start the downhill to the Ofoten and its Ofotfjord. Just before arriving in Narvik we turn right, direction Å i Lofoten, the last small village of the Lofoten island. The swedish radio is, in the meanwhile, changed into the norwegian one, but it is really difficult to appreciate the difference because of the similarity of the two languages. Maybe it would be time to learn some swedish, don't you think?

I am driving and I think the natural it is for me to be here, driving a car and looking for a small village on some islands that were unknown until some years ago and then became a goal to reach. I then think that, being born in Molise, it is difficult to find a place more remote than it! Maybe there is some truth in this thought, I do believe.
Meanwhile we are arrived in Svolvær and we find our place to stay in a rorbur, one of the house of the fisherman. The last week there was the world championship of the cod fishing and we were told there was a good mess all around, but now the village is indeed half desert and is very hard to find the half that is not desert!
The end of the day is then: the classic half kilo of pasta we cook, but thats not enough to to make us not to be hungry; a tour looking for some northern light that unfortunately didn't show up.
Tomorrow we will start to ski! The mountains all around are full of snow and it's possible to ski almost everywere, with the sides of mountains that are only waiting for someone to ski on them. Now it's time to crash in the bed.
See you tomorrow.

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