lunedì 4 ottobre 2010


After a weekend of rain, Monday and Tuesday have been cold but sunny days. Nevertheless, no time to go to play football in Vasaparken.
Ten minutes walking from Kammakargatan, Vasaparken is a cozy place to spend a sunny afternoon, playing guitar on the grass or having a barbecue, but mostly playing football. There are two fields of synthetic grass on which you can play day and night time thanks to an almost stadium-like illumination system. For free, of course. Then, you can easily imagine, here I have rediscovered the pleasure to play football in a completely spontaneous way, what I usually define as playing football in the street.
People from almost every part of the world come to play here in Vasaparken. Very technical players from Colombia and Brazil, aggressive ones from Ecuador and then people from England, Holland, Jamaica, Senegal, Morocco, Japan. No other italian than me and some of my guest in the summertime, like Antonio and Matteo.

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This was the beginning of a post, exactly one year ago. In the end it didn't go further the stage of a draft but it was still kept in the online archive of the blog. It's now a long time since I don't go playing in the same place, having spent my time strolling in other parts of Stockholm. This morning I was biking next to Vasaparken again, the fields were empty, but still green. When the winter arrives they will of course change their color into an icy white and the football players will be substituted by ice hokey ones.

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