domenica 4 ottobre 2009

Weird saturday night fish

Well, I try, it's an experiment: let's write in english and let's do it at this late time in the night. English speakers please be tolerant with me.
One saturday of library, the Stadsbibliotek at the corner between Odengatan and Sveavagen, ten minutes walking from my place in Kammakargatan. I was expecting a very cold saturday but the first real rain of the Stockholm's fall has made it slightly warmer. And warmer and warmer is getting the idea of leaving this continent for a while, and faster and faster the time is running towards the escape from my house of cards.
The autumn still has the signs of the dynamics of the summer, a lot of people still going around and, until yesterday, a wonderful light whose best gift is the colorful all-surrounding at the long sunrises and sunsets.
Too many ideas to write down now, too many images zipping through my fingers and the keyboard, darting so fast to not allow me to describe this day in a proper manner. A day spent in a city that is step by step wrapping me in its life of many silences and low horizon never-ending light, giving me day after day the feeling and the direction I'm looking for.
From the "Why should I stay here?" of one of the weird fishes swimming nowadays under the bridges of Stockholm without any chance of getting enough.

3 commenti:

sara ha detto...

l'esperimento è ben riuscito! ti lascio un commento, anche se in italiano, così sei ancora più sicuro che i tuoi post sono davvero apprezzati! :)

Fabio Del Sordo ha detto...

With you I play at home!

Emma ha detto...

direi che l'esperimento è più che riuscito.. Credo, da ignorante, che il tuo scrivere in inglese non abbia niente da invidiare ai tuoi scritti italiani...
E' davvero piacevole leggerti...

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