domenica 11 ottobre 2009

Notes on a saturday in Stockholm

This morning spent going around looking for new skis for the hopefully coming soon winter. Some ideas in mind, but I'm too devoted to my old yellow Nordica and Diamir "Tierra del Fuego 1998". I'll take some more time to think about it.
Then biking all around, I discovered a shop of dutch cheese, strong temptation leading me to suddenly brake, stop and drop in to buy a couple of Old Amsterdam slices.
Then going along Drottninggatan. First a zombie-parade (people with fake blood scaring the old ladies who were out for shopping). Then I saw the making of a kind of snow-park on the staircase in Sergeltorg. In the end, in a book shop still in Drottninggatan, it would have been hard to avoid to buy a book about "Dark Side of the Moon".
But above all a guy on the wayside playing pots, frying pans and various cooker accessories, plus some buckets for a complete hand-made drumset.
It has been a very sunny day, clean sky bringing a genuine cold air.
Ended the afternoon, tonight belgian dinner at Koen's. I decided to walk to his apartment, so I walk through never visited streets, discovering new corners, music shops, cozy bars and restaurant to visit.
Then, coming back home, the usual comings and goings of blonds with their miniskirts, some drunk guys strolling on Sveavagen and some couples kissing at the main doors now hidden in the Stockholm night.
Falling asleep now.

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