lunedì 3 marzo 2014

In the Land of Beauty - Teaser of new documentary by GalileoMobile

A few months after GalileoMobile expedition to Uganda we are on the way to release our second documentary!

During the two weeks spent around Kampala, Mbale and Jinja, two italian filmmakers, Domenico and Maria Serena, traveled along with GalileoMobile team members, Phil, Pati, Nuno and myself.
Many hours of footage were recorded and they had to work hard to select the best scenes to be mounted in the final product, with the goal of showing the activities we have carried out, as well as many other aspects of our first expedition to Africa.

"In the Land of Beauty" aims to deepen and share our vision of being "Under The Same Sky": we reckon it as another little tile to be added to the big multicultural mosaic that our initiative is.

We are fine-tuning the documentary in these days and it will be soon freely available online.
In the meanwhile you can enjoy a short preview!

Stay tuned!

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