martedì 5 febbraio 2013

New blades on ice

As the time in Stockholm gets shorter and shorter, the list of "things I should have done in Sweden but I haven't (yet)" becomes longer and longer.

But at least is easier and easier to realise how many days I will still spend here, and so I can start getting rid of items in the list, one by one, without letting them to disguise in some remote corner of a foggy future.

So far I have been skiing, walking, sledding, but never dared to skate, on the frozen surface of lakes and sea.
Today finally came the moment for that, on a lake surface that was quite watery, but with good ice conditions under this thin liquid layer.
Scared, clumsy, slow, relaxed, calm, fast, happy. And then simply wondering why I haven't started doing this four years ago, when I arrived in Stockholm.

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