giovedì 7 febbraio 2013

A dream unthreatened by the morning light

When I was about to fall asleep, yesterday night, an unexpected image came to my mind, so unexpected that I opened again my eyes.
It was a place I knew, but I could not remember which place was that.
It took a second to realise that it was a place I had seen while sleeping, in a dream, who knows how long ago, who knows where I was sleeping.
The place was a typical swedish landscape, a green wild coastline facing a bunch of island, that I must have dreamt when living on the islands. It gave me the feeling that I was there because I had to cross the sea to reach an island. That island must have been Storholmen. But who knows, I didn't see Storholmen in that image.

So, for an istant I had in my eyes this image, of an intricated wood with a narrow path on its border with the sea. And then I lost it, as soon as my eyes were open again. And, then, found it again, as soon as I decided to close my eyes without mentally seek it.
I remember that I had dreamt, at the end of 2010, about some buildings rised on the frozen surface of the sea (and this is also in the last post of 2010 of this blog), and I have maybe seen this place during that dream.
Did I?

Matter of fact, this precise place is somewhere stored inside of me. I cannot draw or paint it, so I will be the only person to have seen it.

Dreams disappear as soon as one wakes up, or leave a wake of scent that won't disappear maybe for a whole day.
Some other dreams, instead, well, we will never know about them, already disentangled far before we wake up.
Some others are the dreams unthreatened by the morning light: they will always be there.

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