giovedì 22 novembre 2012


The journeys I can't wait for

The journeys I don't want to take

The journeys I couldn't sleep the night before

The one-day journeys that turn into one-life ones

The journeys planned into details and those planned to discover details

The journeys to freedom leading to solitude, the journeys to myself and I forgot to bring myself along

The journeys spent missing my friends

The journeys I need to take my fears along with me

The journeys looking out of the window

The journeys with my parents, that I had no idea neither of where we were going nor of the reason of my happiness

The journeys to learn how to travel

The journeys spent making love

The journeys back home, the journeys to unknown lands

The journeys no more than one step away from home

The journeys of my imagination

The journeys everybody want to come along, and nobody will

The journeys all I need is in my backpack

The journey of discovering another person

The journeys that I have dreamt and those I've lived

The journeys I will, one day, and those I will, tomorrow

The forgotten journeys, buried in the cemetery of the useless ones

The journey of writing about my journeys

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