venerdì 1 giugno 2012


Intanto per distrarmi faccio una mostra di fotografia. Anch'essa non so dove andrá, forse da nessuna parte. Non ha importanza.

 2-14 Giugno 2012, Gallerí Aguéli, Södermalm - Stockholm

 “Under the same sky” is an exibithion about the GalileoMobile project expedition to the Andinian Altiplano. GalileoMobile is a purely non-profit project that brings astronomy closer to young people around the world, and mainly across developing countries that have little or no access to outreach programs. Its first expedition was to South America, through Chile, Bolivia and Perú. South America is a land of kids walking through large spaces, under a clear sky. The GalileoMobile project has traveled in the andinian plateau, a small part of this huge continent, to share the cosmovision of some astronomers with that of local kids and native people. Children all around the world are enthusiastic to observe the sky. To the andinian populations their clear sky is an important everyday-presence in their lives. With human paces they walk the sideral distances of their land, land of deserts and forests, from of the thousand meters of the high peaks of the Andes to the shores of the Pacific ocean, through the rests of ancient civilizations. Stargazing and exchanging dreams with andinian children was an amazing experience, and “Under the same sky” is a collection of shots captured while being part of it. “These shots represent a little homage to this land, as seen through my own eyes.”

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