domenica 23 maggio 2010

When the Sun shines Sthlm is the most beautiful city I've ever been

Unfortunately today it's rainy, it's seems the rain came together with me from Kraków. But it doesn't matter at all, I'll anyway go running in a while. I've never had a weather-depending attitude and in this sense I'll never be a Stockholmer.
Plan for the next two weeks (it's easy when everything has already been written):
-not drinking too much
-regular excercise at gym
-at ease
-eating well
-keep in contact with old friends
The 5th of june is on its way.

It's still grey, ok, I should have written this a few days ago. But what happens if it stops raining at, let's say, 8 pm? That you still have hours of sun thus alleviating the distance with the day to come, and when the Sun shines Sthlm is then the most beautiful city I've ever been. Fond but not in love.

4 commenti:

Sabatino ha detto...

Welcome back to Sthlm!
But which is the place you feel in love with, today?

Fabio Del Sordo ha detto...

That's not a question to be answered here, my dear Dad!

Anonimo ha detto...

At a better pace,
slower and more calculated

Fabio Del Sordo ha detto...

Slower and more calculated (in running)

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