mercoledì 11 febbraio 2015

In the Land of Beauty: first public screening!

Yes, exactly: at GalileoMobile we filmed a documentary, we made it freely available on the internet and now we also like to see it on big screens in cool locations. Nice, isn't it?
"In the Land of Beauty" starts its travel across the world, as a film on big screens, form Yale, on Wednesday February 4. A special date: the beginning of a travel which contains another travel, that is our expedition to Uganda in 2013.

How did it go? Tell us the story!
So I tell you this story, which, as every well-respected story, is a story within the story, and many little and little stories hidden into bigger ones.

The story is that when I moved to Yale, a few months ago, I saw this observatory, which sits on the highest point of Yale campus, and I saw that there were two little domes hosting two telescopes, and a bigger one, where a Planetarium hosts those people who like to enjoy the
wonders of the cosmos projected on a human size structure.
So I said: yes, this is a good starting point for the world to see a
movie about a journey and the cosmos, about people, friendship, unity, nature.

Months later, the movie has been completed and distributed on the internet, a no-space and no-time concept, where everything is always available and rarely explored. A great thing, of course, and a good place for a movie to mingle and get known around the world, but not the best place to start a journey. It is a net, after all.

So we organized this first event, Wednesday January 28. But, here, the story within the story: the biggest snowstorm in the history of Northeastern U.S. will hit many places, among which New Haven, one day before the event.
"Screw it, we'll do it anyway", I think. But what in fact happens is that they decide to close the whole University, and half of the city is desert and everybody is warmly invited to spend the day at home, possibly with hot tea, or coffee, or wine. Drink whatever you want - they seem to say - but don't go to the premiere of "In the Land of Beauty".
"Fair enough, the journey will start one week later, and I too will have a glass of wine at home."

Now, fact is that the terrible snowstorm, which should have brought about 1 meter of snow, delivered only 15 cm. And, a week after, two days before the premiere of the documentary, a less advertised snowstorm brought, instead, more than 50 cm of snow, which quietly fell covering all the city.
"Screw it, we'll do it anyway". And this time we did it!
It might seem obvious, but on a bigger screen you can really appreciate more details: images wrap you in a much warmer and more gentle way than on a computer screen.
I don't know how many times I had already watched this documentary, but this time was totally different from all the rest.
About 15 people attended, and all of them enjoyed the movie and our work, our philosophy and ideas.
For a bit more than one hour they have traveled with us to Uganda, Africa, around the planet: a travel in the first leg of a journey.

"In the land of Beauty", till next time.

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