domenica 6 ottobre 2013

Yet another turn

I left Paris in the late afternoon just before the autumn equinox. A night flight over Europe, the Mediterranean and northern Africa brought me to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From there, after a coffee at the airport, another flight to Entebbe, Uganda. Only a one hour taxi journey away from meeting my friends Phil, Nuno, Pati, Domenico and María Serena and then starting the adventure again.

I received my visa, a stamp on that little notebook called passport, which allowed me to set my feet on the Ugandan territory. I put on my cap and sunglasses and, one minute after, my backpack and I were outside the airport, freely strolling in a land I had never touched before.
How will this experience work out? Will I be good enough to contribute in a meaningful way to GalileoMobile’s activities? To play my role in this journey? Will our travel make sense for the people we are going to meet and work with?
That stamp on the passport, that one day in future will hopefully be the memory of a great on-the-road experience, in that very moment became the motivation to adapt my slow-thinker attitude to a fast-moving world, to the enthusiasm of children and teenagers with whom I am going to share that wonderful experience that astronomy is.
As I approach the exit of the airport, the Ugandan air disguises itself amidst memories of the first GalileoMobile expedition and images from the Kaghol Rath expedition to India in 2012, and it mixes with my expectations, doubts and desires.
No matter whether or not I am good enough for what has yet to come: it will anyway do.

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